Dedicated to Major Hogben QGM
I,m dedicating this page to someone that a lot people in the EOD world would know Major Arthur Hogben QGM affectionaly known as Uncle Arthur.

The Queens gallantry medal

I first met Major Hogben in 1987 who at that time was custodian at EODTIC at Lodge hill , the same year I obtained my first German bomb fuze a type (28)A ! Major Hogben gave me lots of information on that particular fuze how it worked and which bomb it was most likely used in ! it was Major Hogben,s enthusiasm and encouragement that led to me to begin to collect fuzes , and it was his helpful nature that he instilled in me to help others .

Leaving the army Major Hogben took up the post of custodian of records at Lodge hill taking over from his friend wing commander John Mac Bean , a hard task to follow but he did so with relish and was a great success,during this post he advised on various bomb disposal related scenes in both television and film , the most notable being THE ENGLISH PATIENT where he was invited to Rome and met Sophia Loren at the premier opening.

Other television programmes he advised in were HEARTBEAT when a bomb was unearthed whilst digging foundations for a new bungalow (this often happens even today ) another TV series was SOLDIER SOLDIER again a bomb was found whilst building work was going on.

Arthur also wrote articles in various journals on bomb disposal and he also wrote DESIGNED TO KILL still the definitive book written on bomb disposal ,I have a signed copy that I cherish and one of the most read books in my bookcase . he also co wrote BOMBS GONE story of airdropped weapons , with his friend Wing Commander John Mac Bean .

When ever I obtained a fuze or wanted some information Major Hogben was at the end of the phone and would give me all the information that I would require , he also phoned me one morning to see if I could help him entertain a German bomb Disposal firewerker Herr Manfred Reichart I quickly threw a sickie and headed down to meet him , Manfred had been a Fireworker in 1944 and after the end of the war had worked alongside both British and American Bomb disposal officers clearing some of his own bombs.

It was through Major Hogben that I was lucky enough to be introduced to Len jeacocke whom I drove to various REA meetings over the years and obtained my ticket for the 50Th Bomb disposal anniversary service at St Pauls ! Len was an instructor at Ripon in the early days of the bomb disposal school in the 1940,s and was the longest serving secretary of the Royal Engineers association.

It was Len who put me in touch with Col Stuart Archer , it was Col Archer who as a young Lt managed to obtain the first ZUS 40 designed to explode the bomb if the fuze was extracted, and also introduced me to Lt Col Eric wakeling who was a leading authority on the German butterfly as he had first hand experience of these bombs at Grimsby and Hull in 1943 sadly all three have now passed away .

Although Major Hogben has now retired and living in a residential home is still in good health and visited several times a year by myself.

I owe a lot to Arthur and felt it fitting that I should dedicate this page to someone who puts himself out to help others I,m proud to call a friend.

Citation for QGM

Close up details from the official citation

Wired photograph of Major Hogben working on the Hermann that he got his QGM for , this photo was wired to various American newspapers.

Major Arthur Hogben and WO2 Eaton examining a Herman 1,000Kg Rainham Essex December 75

A not too technical description of Hermann.

Broadbridge heath

Task sheet that Major Hogben dealt with whilst OC 49 SQDN

Germany 1964

British MC500Lb to be cut with Ringsdneider .

The two books that Arthur Hogben wrote are often to be found on ebay!