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A little known fact was the Russians used captured German bombs using their AV1 fuzes not locked in using locking rings like the germans but wooden stakes.
My late friend Jack Extra showed me pictures of some of these German 50Kg bombs with the staked fuzes fitted.
Ive tried to reproduce one here .
There is documentary evidence of these fuzes being used in 250Kg bombs too.

German yellow top (50) anti disturbance fuze , timing was changed which made it unsuitable for low level bombing.(PJS collection)


SD2 Fuze variations

The normal (41) Fuze 2 hole spanner holes

Variation this fuze has 4 holes for spanner .

Normal (67) fuze

This (67) has a dummy selector switch.

Latest April 2018

(59) A long cased airburst fuze with its more usual short (59) A