Channnel Islands
A little known about subject is the Channel Islands of Guernsey , Jersey , Alderny and sark , were the only islands ,part of Britain to be occupied by the German forces.
Part of Hitlers atlantic wall the channel islandes were heavily fortified with every type of obsticle , mines and emplacements.

For the past 28 years i have had the privelege to be able to work with my friend Richard Heaume , who owns the Occupation museum at Forest Guernsey (opposite the airport !there is a web site with mention of the occupation museum ! if you type in Guernsey occupation museum.


On Friday evening about 7pm on the 28 th June 1940 St Peter port was bombed by the German airforce 33 civilians were killed at the white rock, (there is a memorial on the sea wall )opposite Sark shipping.

Two days later 3 transport planes landed on Guernsey airport , this was to be the start of five long years of occupation.

The Channel islands were the only islands to be taken over by the Germans.

At its height the Germans laid over 70,000 mines, athough this was later reduced to 66,000.
The occupation lasted until May 9th 1945 which even today is celebrated with bunting , vehicle calvacades and cumilating in a massive fireworks .

War Graves commision

Roll of honour

Richard washington walkers name on certificate RH Side

Richard washington walker one of those killed at White rock

German bank notes used during the occupation

German stamps issued in 1943

Liberation medals given to children who were in Guernsey during the occupation , handed out during state visit in 1946
Probably less than 1,000 medals were issued to Guernsey children , many are still worn with pride on May 9 th each year for one day only.

Liberation Guernsey press