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LATEST NEWS January 19 th 2020

Selling a few items from my own collection

German airburst fuze type (9) price 100 inc post uk see Steve

German (80)A allways acting fuze used in the FZG76 flying bomb
Last one and in mint condition .Price including post 120
Contact Steve UK Only

German (17)Bm as used in the German FZG76 Flying bomb
Getting harder to find nowadays price 130 including post
Contact Steve UK only

Japanese fuze collection prefer to sell as one lot offers invited
UK only

Contact Steve

Very rare picked up at the time Heinkell 111 Bomb charging heads
Comes with various pieces of aircraft wreckage .
From what I know it came from the local Burford ARP mans house who picked them up at the time.
From the research only one Heinkel was brought down and that was by an RAF pilot in an Airspeed Oxford ? training aircraft whos pilot saw the attacking aircraft bombing a local airfield .
Flying an unarmed aircraft he flew into the heinkell killing the pilot in the process , there is a box which comes with it stating Burford crash.
Probably belongs to a museum its such a rarity Price 650 +P+P

Reluctant sale but other projects need completing so I,m selling my American M83 butterfly bomb in good condition Price Offers in the region of 400 UK only
contact Steve

One off only !
Ever wondered what was inside a German ecr fuze Well now you can own a fuze that comes apart, although damp may have penetrated its still in good condition overall
PRICE 85 inc post

Lovely early (25) fuze retaining about 80% of its original paint
Price 75 inc P+P Uk only

Last of the early (25) fuze again as you can see retains about 80% original paint price 75 Inc P+P Uk only

Let me know your requirements and if I have spares in stock !

American Trench art lighter converted from a 20mm shell on marble ? Base inscribed price 25 +P+P Uk

Trench art lighter made from what looks like a mine horn ? Price 19.95 + P+P Uk only

Same as above but with Bakelite base price 24.99 + P+P

Trench art Lighter made from a German (59) A fuze price 39.99 + P+P Uk only

This is the finest German Bomb fuze to Table lighter conversion I've ever seen and such a talking piece
Price 135 P+P

Mk84 1,000 Kg Bomb tails for sale please contact me for details (located in UK)

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American Tail fuze M124A is lovely clean condition Price 75 = P+P Uk only

Balloon fabric Price 20 + P+ P see Dave

Balloon fabric 20 + P + P see dave


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