Surplus to requirement
NMIch bin immer daran interessiert, den Kauf guter Qualitati Deatsch bombed


Depth charge pistol in excellent condition dated August 1945 price 400 too heavy to post pick up

One off only J Hardner One bottle unopened for sale offers to Steve

German (17) bm fuzes as used in the V1 flying bombs tatty but still collectible price each 85 plus P+P U.K. only

American Trench art lighter converted from a 20mm shell on marble ? Base inscribed price 25 +P+P Uk

Trench art lighter made from what looks like a mine horn ? Price 19.95 + P+P Uk only

Same as above but with Bakelite base price 24.99 + P+P

Trench art Lighter made from a German (59) A fuze price 39.99 + P+P Uk only

This is the finest German Bomb fuze to Table lighter conversion I've ever seen and such a talking piece
Price 135 P+P

4Lb Incendiary Bomb Fuzes recovered from a raid in Essen price 30 each

4 Lb nose weights 15 each plus postage these are heavy made of iron.

Rare early German number (5) fuze price 350 U.K. only

Sectioned British 4 Lb incendiary bomb fuzes not often seen certainly not sectioned 2nd picture shows a sectioned one on a sectioned incendiary Price 60 each two only available .

Contact me for availability and prices

Mk84 1,000 Kg Bomb fuzes for sale please contact me for details (located in UK)

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American Tail fuze M124A is lovely clean condition Price 75 = P+P Uk only

I,M LOOKING FOR A COMPLETE GERMAN 2KG Incendiary bomb Sectioned or complete

Rare German brass bomb fuze number (5) price 350 or best offer + P +P a very

Balloon fabric Price 20 + P+ P see Dave

Balloon fabric 20 + P + P see dave


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