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Ich bin immer daran interessiert, den Kauf guter Qualitati Deatsch bombed sunderland

British bomb fuze and pistol collection for sale

The above bomb pistols and Fuzes are from my own collection and are UK ADDREESES ONLY
Would sell the whole collection valued at £1,400 for the special price of £1,100 collect in person only.

Rare German brass bomb fuze number (5) price £350 or best offer + P +P a very heavy item

For sale or exchange this Sectioned British No 37 long delay pistol ex museum item

SD2 Drouges price each £70 + Post and packing being sold on behalf of a friend

German type (67) fuze used in the SD2 Butterfly bomb Price £25 + P+P see Dave


Original arming wires for the SD2 Butterfly bomb price £20 each + P + P see Dave

Mae West life jacket light Sold as seen not tested Price £3 + P+ P see Dave

Part of V1 Gyro with history a nice item £150 inc P+P see Dave 01446792195@uwclub

(89)b fuze ideal for showing how this fuze works price £45 inc P+P
see Dave

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An interesting piece of aircraft wreckage with label stating from first shot down German aircraft in south of England.
Nothing is known other than what is stated on the label
Price £50 + P+P see Dave

Bomb Spacer unit Variation used in the Lancaster Bomber Price £75 + P+P Dave

A lovely Bakelite German container that would have held Sprengkapsules £40 details from Dave

German Exploded SD2 showing internal construction £125 + post Uk only details from Dave

German SD1 nose impact fuze £5 + P+P see Dave

A fablous u boat deck gun range finder optics are perfect , extremely heavy so collection only price £500 contact Dave

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Air ministry marked cannon or machine gun site , filter is cracked and optics need a clean price £30 + P + P see Dave

Mortar sight in pouch price £50 + P+ P Dave

A lovely German SD2 butterfly bomb with (41) fuze a really nice example contact Price £500 Dave


Price £22

Price £45

For the above manuals contact Dave

German (70)B1 butterfly bomb fuze relic condition Price £25 + P+P See Dave

Balloon fabric Price £20 + P+ P see Dave

Balloon fabric £20 + P + P see dave

German 1Kg plus tails price £170 details from


I,m selling these manuals on behalf of a friend please contact me for contact details

Original manuals £75 each




These below are £15 each

Manuals below are Ammo related and are £15 each

Manuals/booklets are £5 each

Just Addded these items

Sectioned SD2 complete with part sectioned (70)B fuze
Price £100 plus P+P details from Dave

NEW NEW NEW 29 th June 2016 Just in.

Hard to find German brass no (5) Fuze PRICE £275 +P+P UK its a heavy item

British VMFI (Visual mine fire Indicator) mostly fitted to British exercise mine Mkxv11 in use 1980,s A rare item £250

German KC50 Concrete bomb price £400

They say knowledge is power ! if there is one of the best books ever written on bomb disposal history then this is the book for you Designed to kill by Major Arthur Hogben , himself a decorated bomb disposal officer.

If there is only one book i would choose on the history of British bomb disposal then this is it !
Major Hogben , himself an Ex bomb disposal officer , has written this book with clarity and with descriptions that anyone can understand.
Its an outstanding book and one that is read and re read over again , so much so that I had to buy a second book the other one signed by the author has had to be retired , as it was beginning to fall apart , having traveled with me all over the world on holiday and business.
enjoy it and marvel at the dangerous world of bomb disposal.
After the bombers have dropped their loads and the siren have sounded the all clear , its then that the Bomb disposal squads start work , long hours , dirty filthy work and hardly a mention or medal , this then is the real world where every move could be your last.

For those interested in the history and development of British bombs then Bombs gone is the book for you !


Deep fuze pocket From a 250Kg or upwards bomb
Landmine Fuze (34)A or (34)B fuze
Zus(40) Mk1 and Mk2 (plastic)
(17) 1940 mint condition early pattern with external clock
(50) Fuze Anti disturbance
Bakelite gain pot as used on the 17 (original)
Fuze for my KC250 Flam (26) fuze
Fuze box
Crab tree Fuze dis-charger
Wartime BD tunic
Case and fins
Parachute Mine
Mint 50 KG (SD or SC)
Mint fins for 50 KG
Hermann (I did say it was a wish list!)

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