Latest additions from reccomended dealers
Dug up have had their latest additions arrive they are Steel gaines for the German bomb Fuzes .
A smaller version Steel gaine to fit the 1936 pattern Exploding tail Incendiary. Both types 5 each from Dug up

I was very lucky to able to review these long awaited gaines , as you can see the finish is perfect right down to the aging . I have tried them in all the fuzes types in the collection, and in each type the screwed in flawlessly.
The smaller version fits the 1936 Exploding tail incendiary,and the 3 versions of the ZUS 40 the 1941 version IB used a different thread , still to be determined !
All in all Dug up are to be congratulated on their latest creations.

Their German Incendiary bomb

German IB Sectioned

Close up showing the minute details of the fuze

Filler cap detail


Comparason of Dug ups and original fuze

As you can see the details that Dug up have gone to to produce this German Incendiary bomb are superb, produced from a solid piece that has been machined out, not left solid , which they could have done , to save time, the whole bomb looks the part and is ideal for reinactors i will be using mine when i give talks.i should point out that the fuze unscrews , the filler plug under the detachable fin does,nt.
Dug up are to be congratulated on this item
Price is 75
The tails which can be bought seperately are 25

Dug Ups Crabtree discharger



underside showing pins

Comparason of Original Crabtree and Dug Ups

As you can see again attention to detail on their crabtree the only difference being Dug Up have omitted the word CRABTREE from underneath
Again this will be used in the next documentary on Bomb disposal that i hope to be advising on in a few weeks.
Price is 45

Their web site is
tele +44 01903 217340


Have just advised CTM productions on the Christmas edition of CALL the MIDWIFE where Dug ups Crabtree will be seen fitted to a Fuze