Army Bomb Disposal

July 2018

Time stood still in a muddy Hole by Pat Strickson

As soon as I started to read this book I found it impossible to put down !
John Hannaford I had the great privilege to have known for over 20 years , his death still saddens me.
I was so pleased that Pat decided to pop into her local charity shop on a wet rainy day and fell in love with a painting by John , from there she contacted the family and found out that John was a WW2 Bomb Disposal Officer , this book contains a wealth of information about Captain John Hannaford and I have no hesitation is reccomending it.
Price 9.99 + P+ P contact

An excellent and as always a well researched book on the subject of V1 and V2 rocket bomb disposal ISBN 178159386-5

Bomb Disposal Manual (The Bible) 1941 edition with updates

Arthur Hogben Designed to Kill Isbn 0-85059-865 (See Spares page)

Arthur Hogben and Wing Cmdr Macbean Bombs Gone ISBN 1-85260-068-8

Cpt Hunt Bombs and Boobytraps ISBN 0-948251-19-0

Melony Jappy Danger UXB ISBN 0-7522-1983-3

Unexploded bomb Maj AB Hartley

Highly Explosive John Frayn turner

The Dangers of UXB,s Lt col Wakeling ISBN 0-9525799-2-9

The lonely War ISBN 1-872017-84-3

Photographic history by Lt Col Eric Wakeling ISBN0-9525799-0-1

Short history of RE Bomb Disposal by Eric Wakeling

UXB MALTA S.A.M.Hudson ISBN 978-0-7524-5635-5

Living with Danger Cpt H.W Beckinham ISBN 1- 901231-03-8

Danger UXB James Owen ISBN 978-4087-0195-9

Bomb Disposal and the British casualties of ww2

Royal Navy Bomb and Mine disposal

Life on the Edge by Peter Varey ISBN 978-0-95-38440-1-2
An excellent and well written book on sub Lt Peter Dankwerts , naval mine clearance officer.

Torpedoemen rear Adml Poland ISBN 0-85937-396-7

Depth Charge Chris Henry ISBN 1-84415-174-3

The Hidden Menace Maurice Griffiths ISBN 0-85177186-6

All Mine Lt Noel Cashford ISBN 1-901587-2-3- 1

icking clock by Noel Cashford ISBN 1-901587-61-4

Bang by Noel Cashford ISBN 1-901587-71-1

All theirs by Noel Cashford ISBN 1-901587-38-X

Softly tread the Brave Ivan Southall

Blinding Flash John Frayn Turner 1962

Royal Airforce Bomb Disposal

A cold Blooded Business S/Ldr A.E Haarer (See spares page)

RAF BD complied by Jim Jenkinson ISBN 1-873203-36-5

UXB Vol11 compiled by Jim Jenkinson ISBN 1-873203-76-4

British bomb and Rocket pistols and fuzes David Andrews and Alan Swan

AP1661b Bombs reprint RAF Museum books

AP1661C Fuzing components Reprint RAFmuseum books

Bomb Disposal Manual 1941-1952 includes the excellent USN BD manual

HOME FRONT and Misc books

St Pauls dated 1946

ISBN 007110 2038 3 1992

Britain under fire undated believed to be about 1942

Target Exeter Geoff Worrall undated

Liverpool Bryan Perrett ISBN 0 9550324 0 7 1988

Blitz Westminster at war ISBN 0 19 285218 3 1990

Braver men walk away Peter Gurney ISBN 0 00 255051 2 1993

Diary of an ARP Warden by E.J.Carter ISBN 0-90-469909-9

Battle of the Flames by David Needham ISBN 1-978-1-84306-486-2

Air Raid by Michael Bowyer ISBN 0-85059-685-8

Flying Bombs over England by H eE bates ISBN 1X872337-04-X

Flying Bomb by Peter Cooksley ISBN 07091-73997

First Blitz by Neil Hanson ISBN 978-0-385-61170-1

German air dropped weapons by wolfgang fleischer ISBN1-85780-174-1

A Hell of a Bomb by Stephen Flowers ISBN 0-7524-2386X

The Bombers by Norman Longmate ISBN 0-09-151580-7

Hitlers Rockets by Norman longmate ISBN 0-09-158820-0

Methods of selection Vol 1 by Paul Deichmann ISBN 0-89126-149-4

Methods of Selection Vol 2 by E.A.marguard ISBN 0-89126-150-8

Reprint of Original German Code Book printed in 1977 in Germany

German code book by Michael Heidler with updates not found book above

German Bombs book 3 by Karl Pawlas Bomb and Fuze info

German Military Dictionary printed 1944 TM 30-506

Modern Military German/English ISBN 3-8132-0307-7

Please note these are all unclassified

OP998 Aircraft Bombs

OP1507 Japanese Underwater Weapons

OP1548 American aircraft Army and Navy Bomb Fuzes

OP1665 British Ordnance

OP1666 German Ordnance

OP1668 French and Italian Ordnance

OP1673 German Underwater Weapons

OP2009 USSR Bombs and Fuzes

All of the above are highly reccomended , some are long out of print, but any difficulty please contact me, i maybe able to help,I some good contacts in the book trade.