Unusual uses for airdropped ordnance/Fuzes etc
Latest oddity 16th December

This splendid table lighter made from a German (59)a airburst fuze and mounted onto a mahogany base , the quality is of a very high standard ,filling is from underneath.

A German SC250Kg bomb dropped on Malta and put to good use as a compressor
My thanks to Malta Heritage trust for the use of this picture, who's link to their excellent site can be found on my links page.

A Table lighter made from a elaz (38) bomb fuze.
R.Smith Collection

A splendid and unusual piece of Trench art a British bomb pistol no 28 Mk 2 Dated 1- 41 made into a table lighter

Top view of lighter showing the striker guide being used to mount the wick and flint

Lighter with cap fitted

WW1 British mine horn ? made into a lighter

Cap removed Flint wheeel missing.