On this page you will find components and parts from German , Britsh , and American Bombs that have been dug up PLEASE NOTE ALL ITEMS SHOWN CONTAIN NO HAZARDOUS COMPONENTS .

Fuze plugs , these were removed and the fuze inserted, often found lying around airfields

Part of British 848 fuze used on photoflash bombs

Side View

Internal view

arming vane from 848 Fuze

Top view

A sectioned 848 fuze

"All in a days Work" British 250+500lbs Bombs and an American 1,000lb bomb defuzed and ready to be blown up (KMRD Rheinland platz)

Remains of a British 500lb MC bomb blown up by KMRD Rheinland platz

Inside wall of 500lb MC bomb

Remains of an American 1.000Lb bomb blown up along with the British 500LB mc bomb by KMRD Rheinland Pfalz

American 1,000 lb ready for demolition

Remains of American 1,oooLb bomb Filler cap threads clearly shown

German Bomb , Mines and Components

Butterfly bomb fuze type(67) which was picked up after the raid in Grimsby Kindly donated by P Cowling.this was given to him in the 60,s by a Grimsby resident

Side by side shot of (67) fuze

Side shot showing mechanism

Remains of recently dug up Butterfly bomb

Bottom view of remains of butterfly bomb

Top of remains

Bomb fragment that dropped on Haywards Heath 21st december 1940

Description of fragment

Fragment of Thin walled bomb dropped on RAF Manston (date unknown)

description of fragment

Part of 1,000Kg Hermann

Side view showing the thickness of bomb case (2 inches) 50 mm

Internal wall of Hermann

filler cap from a Hermann trawled up off Sark ,bomb was blown by Royal navy bomb disposal team 13 Th june 2006

Close up side view of filler cap

Guernsey press Front page June 2006

Part of Parachute mine Type LMB 1,000Kg dropped 8/9 th August 1940 @2.17Am and landed in knights wood near Tickenham Cleveland.
dropped by a HE111 of 1 Gp werk KG4 flown from Sosterberg holland.
LH = part of parachute
RH = Parachute rope

Note showing details of parachute mine

Fragment of Parachute mine casing

Internal wall of Parachute mine

Parachute mine casing dropped on hill farm Gt Dunham

Internal wall of Parachute mine

End view clearly showing a flange

Label from Parachute mine that was dropped on Hill farm

Tail brace from a 1,000Kg Hermannn dropped on Hill farm

Label wrongly identified from tail brace above

Parts from the FZG76 V1 flying bomb radiator found Pinner Road Harrow 1993

FZG 76 part

Top view

Part of FZG76 flying bomb shot down at Little Stone green farm , Mersham at 08.14 on the 23 Rd july 1944 this also contained a ranging transmitter! part of which was also picked up.

Top view

AZC(10) hut exploded nose fuze

underside view

Nose cone from a 50 Kg bomb Found at Felston , bomb found 12 th March 1987


(28)A fuze from above 50 Kg bomb

Side view

Remains of German Incendiary bomb

Nose fuze from the Incendiary bomb ! this is the steel tile breaker fuze (13)

Remains of a SD2 butterfly bomb fuze type (41)

Underside of (41) fuze

Butterfly bomb drouges dug up on an alotment in Braintree Essex

Part of butterfly bomb drouges found in Malta

British 30 Lb incendiary bomb filler cap Found in Bitburg Germany 2001

Underside of filler plate

With cap unscrewed

Part of a 50Kg Sc recovered after a raid on Swansea Feb 22nd 1941 top od fragment shows welding similar to the 50Kg fuze pocket

Close up of welding on 50 kg bomb (part of collection)

Fragment picked up from same raid

Internal wall of fragment.

Nice example of fin from an SC bomb Note yellow stripe, believed to have been picked up by the same Swansea school boy as fragments above

Internal wall

Fragments from bomb that dropped in Dagenham 20th October 1940

Reverse of bomb fragments

Inside of fin

Arming vane from American bomb found at Ludwigshafen Germany which was a chemical plant , Bombed in December 1944 by the American Airforce

Side view of arming propeller found at Ludwigshafen

Oddments not Bomb related and Notes of Interest

Remains of a box of Time pencils found whilst checking a SOE training site in Sherwood forest in the 1980,s

Anti aircraft fragments are often seen advertised as bomb fragments
RHS shows where the driving band has been torn off . Bottom LHS is part of the time setting ring.
Anti aircraft shells can be identified by their thicker construction and often have segmented internal walls ,to assist in fragmentation.