Early pattern locking ring spanner adjustable lugs

Fuze locking ring spanner fixed lug

Crabtree 2 pin discharger top view

End view

2 pin discharger clearly showing the two pins

Modified 2 Pin discharger Pins ground off

Side view showing both versions

Underside of Crabtree 2 pin Discharger

Liquid fuze discharger

Contents list for Liquid fuze discharger

Container containing J Powder used with a hardner to jam the clockwork fuze type (17)

Bottle containing J hardner

Instructions printed on the Hardner bottle

J Hardner and powder

BD Liquid tester lid

Liquid tester contents circa 1962

as above but later 1970,s vintage

1990 , s BD tester , when the required liquid has been reached then the relevant LED lights up.

Side view with Manufacturing details and NSN engraved on body

Base of BD Liquid tester

Quilter key

Contents list for Quilter key

Quilter key used for removing locking rings The equipment has various interchangeable heads ! as some bomb fuze pockets were deeper than others, often had Fuze extention heads fitted.

Mk7 lighweight Extractor lid

Mk 7 Extractor

Extractor design 2

Contents of Extractor

Contents list of Extractor mk 2

Spool of the Exractor mounted on outside of box lid

Fuze extractor no8 Mk 1 IGOL (I go on living )

Top view of IGOL

Side view

IGOL with measure

part of tool kit

1960,s 4C mine detector

S set


contents listing

another version of the s set in wooden box

Label detail

site pictures equipment page 007(3).jpg">

Wartime Mk2 valved stethoscope

Electronic Stethoscope

component parts of the electronic stethoscope

Brenzetts bomb display with Freddie extractor on 500Kg bomb

Farnborough coil prototype magnetic coil clock stopper

Freddie Fuze Extractor Mk1 fitted to a 500 KG bomb

Crabtree discharger fitted to a type (15) Fuze

Q and I Detector for checking firing circuits

Top of Q and I Detector

Reverse of Detector

Box safety Test Cell

Top of box

Instructions for use

Wrench and Debulletine kit (Rocket Wrench) dated 2/88

Contents of Rocket wrench (pasted inside lid)

Contents of rocket wrench

Rocket Wrench