Bombs and Mines found in the UK

Live SD2 found in Malta by a farmer at Zurrieq

please note
The bombs and mines listed below are those known about by myself !I do keep scrap books dating back from 1969


2 Nd October Parachute mine found Burghley Rd Kentish town, cleared by Major fletcher and Sgt Major Stephen Hambrook


3 Rd August 1,000Kg Hermann East end of london

31 St December V2 rocket found in river Blackwater essex


12 Th April 50 Kg found found in thames by blackwater station cleared by Major Quinn


10 th february 1,000 Kg hermann Sheffield cleared By Major Craib


Nov SC500 single fuze pocket type 15 fuze found in gasometer at Becton Gas works and Cleared by team led by A/major Robbie hall.
More details at foot of page.


1 St July 1,000 Kg Hermann found near Tower bridge cleared by cpt Chris Goddard and Cpl Gary Fisher


250 Kg found Aspen way Poplar cleared by Captain Crawford and L/cpl Porter

Aug 250Kg SC with (17) + (50) WO Mc Cormick

Oct 250Sc SC ECR fuze Cpt Moody and L Cpl Whitby

Nov east India dock 250KG Sc

Nov St Albans 250 Kg SC (15)Fuze Cpt Crawford


4 Th february 500 kg found Whitechapel East end of London
23 rd August bomb found Dartford Kent

REPORTS OF 2 others FOUND in Darford (Vickers works)


Jan Plymouth 250 Kg SC (15) Fuze Cpt Zygmant

Feb Whitechapel 1,000Sd Esssau 5 series fuze WOs Daly

Feb Exeter 50Kg fuze unknown Cpt Moody

2 Nd april 250 Kg found at Liverpools Walton district ground


24 Th August        Worksop     250Kg


23 Rd March 500 kg Portland Dorset Cleared by captain Lobb


13 th September 50 kg Perranwell cornwall


30 Th October      Rainham     250 Kg    17+50 fuzed
no date            Wiltshire   1,000Kg
No date                "        500Kg     17+50


4 Th August         Stepney     50Kg      15 Fuze
No date             Plymouth    250Kg


3rd july           London      50Kg
20 Th October      Reading     1,000Kg


18 Th April        Bexleyheath  500Kg
5 Th June          Canvey       Mine?
8th November       Royden       250Kg
7th december       Harlow       500Kg

June               Southend     2X Para mines 


january 7Th        Lingfield    50 Kg      17 fuze
September 20Th    Portsmouth   500Kg      17
October 14Th       Sunderland   500Kg     15


August 29Th       Plymouth      500Kg     38
September 5Th      Tattershall   500Kg     15
December 9th       Canvey        mine ?


July 13 Th         Whitstable    Mine


November           Hainault      250Kg     15


March 31 St        Kesgrave      2x250 Kg   17+50
unknown            Christchurch    250Kg


May 14 Th           Shoreditch   250Kg    15
June 20 Th        Dorset       50Kg


June 2 Nd            Bow          1,000Kg   28
August 21 St         Romford        250Kg 


March                Southampton     50Kg
June 12 Th          Plymouth        70Kg
December ?            Becton          250Kg
Also listed 250kg no details known
Also listed 50Kg


Foi request 4 x SC50 kg
1 X Sc500 kg


FOI Request 2 X SC50 Kg
1 X SC250 Kg


June 9th Formby Merseyside 50Kg Fuze unknown
July 19th Herne bay GC Mine
August 7th St Eval cornwall 50Kg fuze unknown
August 14th St Peter Port British para mine type A
October 10th St Peter Port German Depth charge
October 12th Ramsgate 50Kg Fuze unknown
October 12th Melton Constable 50Kg fuze unknown


January 19 th Exmoor 50 Kg Fuze unknown
FOI request 2X SC50 Kg details unknown


March 23 Rd Bermondsey SC250KG Fuze unknown 17 50 confirmed

May 21 St. Wembley. SC50 KG. believed to be a 5 series

August 10 th. Bethnal Green believed to be a SC250

FOI request 1 X SC250 Kg details unknown
2 X SD500 Kg
5 x SC500 Kg


April 22nd. Lewisham Boone road. 50 kg no fuze details

May 12 th Bath 250Kg no other details

September Portsmouth Harbour 500kg No details known

November 15 Th Portsmouth Harbour 250Kg No details known

FOI request 1 X SC50 Kg no details known


January 19 th Westminster Bridge 50Kg No details known

February 22 Nd Portsmouth Harbour 250Kg No details known

March 2 Nd Kilburn London NW6 500Kg Sc 15 +17 fuzes

May 16 Th Birmingham 250 Kg Fuze unidentified


February 11th London George 5th docks believed to be a 250Kg
Navy dealing with it

June 19 Th Rowan road Hendon SC50Kg believed filled with
concrete ! no other details known .


June (date unknown) RAF West Malling SD50 Kg Fuze too bad to ID

Sept (date unknown RAF West Malling SD50 Kg Fuze too bad to ID


May 5th RAF West Malling SD50Kg Fuze too bad to ID

This list is by no means complete if you know of any others please let me know so that i can add them

BECTON GAS WORKS INCIDENT NOV 86 details to follow

The following is from official sources and cover UXB Clearance by RE EOD Units only

1945-49 633 UXB,s Cleared

1950-59 140 UXB,s Cleared

1960-69 101 UXB,s Cleared

1970-79 155 UXB,s Cleared

1980-89 90 UXB,s Cleared

1990-99 76 UXB,s Cleared

2000-09 140 UXB,s Cleared

between 1960 and 2010 some 400,000 UXO were also cleared

I am indebted To Rod mac Arthur for allowing me to reproduce these figures