There are various types of German (17) fuzes some have 2 charging heads others just the one ! the reason being that the type (17) only had one circuit, the other pin being a dummy in some fuzes the clocks are enclosed in ali sleeves in others plastic sleeves.
All very confusing for collectors who have just joined this facinating hobby.
Below you will see the various types of (17) fuze from the early ones with the clock screwed into the base to the more normal totally enclosed cases.
Where possible i have attached the gaines to the bottom.

1 st model with external clock with waterproof band

Emergency patt with steel lower half

1940 pattern with ali sleeve

Internal of 1940 patt

1941 pattern with plastic sleeve

internal view showing plastic sleeve

Unmarked fuzes with ali sleeve


Early (17) with 2 pins

Unmarked (17) 2 pin

(17) 1 pin

Fuzing on the SD70 parachute bomb

The above fuze has been in my collection for some time ! i always wondered or assumed it to be a dummy fuze or a training fuze, having stencilled the word BLIND on the head of this (89)C fuze.
It was whilst going through some wartime documents that i obtained a couple of years ago , and had,nt had a good sort through ! when i came across a mention of a SD70 parachute bomb , that had failed to explode , somewhere over the UK in 1944 !
I was facinated by the mention of this same fuze i had , a (89)B with the word BLIND on it.
The bomb itself was a normal SD70 but with a parachute housing attached, the chute being 5 ft square , the details are attached.

Official drawing of SD70 Parachute bomb

Fuze section

Details of parachute

Technical details

RSP procedures if found (1944) document

My fuze was one liberated at Reichlin , by an American engineeer and had been in America until it was obtained with a collection of other fuzes 2 years ago.