Parachute and Sea Mine fixtures and Fittings inc Fuzes


Able Seaman Edward Harding P/218595 died March 24 Th 1944 aged 39
Son of frederick + Sarah Harding. Husband of Sadie Harding of Pinner Green

Original mine clearance badge

A modern copy or restrike Mine clearance badge

The two badges together the restrike ! showing a flaw running from top just below the left hand horn through to the bottom right hand of the mooring rope also the features are nor crisp.
The original which i have owned for over 40 years, and given to me by an old RN mine clearance sailor is clean and crisp with no flaws.

Reverse of badges

Torpedoe director, nothing known about this unit! any help i would be very grateful thanks

German Bouyant drifting mine these were dropped in rivers and were designed to destroy bridges and moorings,
Diameter 15 inches
3 Switch horns
25Lb charge
(LS collection)

Close up of Switch horn (LS Collection)

Hydrostatic switch from a German magnetic mine (SM collection)

Hydrostatic switch (S.M collection)

Hydrostatic switch (SM collection)

M1 Magnetic influence unit from LNA/B mines (GS Collection)

Inside of M1 unit ,the tube on the RH side houses the pendulum switch (GS Collection)

side view showing type of unit M1 and manufaturers mark (GS Collection)

German M3 unit from German magnetic mine (SM collection)

Internal components of M3 (SM Collection)

M3 unit showing ALA clock (SM collection)

Top view (SM Collection)

German Period delay mechanism and clicker unit

Top view

Close up shot of Clicker unit

Close up shot of PDM clock with cover removed


Shackle from a German Parachute mine type LMB this would have been attached to the mine body on one end and the 28 cords of 18 feet 6 inches would be attached to the parachute.this mine was dropped in kent in 1943

German hertz horn from GY mine

British Hertz horn

Japanese Hertz horn

comparison of British German and Japanese Hertz horns

Comparison of both English and German horns

German Explosive cutting hook

Cutting hook shown from other side

Mine fuze Vzz(34)A

(34)A side view


Mine Fuzes (34)A and (34) B

Side view the Rh side the (34)B incorperates an anti withdrawl device

Bottom view

German mine fuze type 24 this mine fuze was used in the Original GA mines and was probably obsolete by early 1940 replaced with the (34) fuze

Depth charge pistol Mk6 mod001

Unknown German mine clock possibly 1 st world war

Side view

Base of clock


HMS Vernon photographs

Shoesburyness mine 1939

Bomb fuze from mine designed to explode if mine fell on land

mine type LMA

Shoeburyness mine

Mine Type C at HMS Vernon

Mine type D

New additions

Royal Navy Mine watch badge

Royal Navy Aux service cap and lapel pin badge

Royal Navy Aux badge variation Information wanted on this service please

Hydrostatic pistol (MS Collection)

hydrostatic pistol (MS Collection)

side view (MS Collection)

end view (MS Collection)

hydrostatic pistol (MS Collection)

mine part (MS Collection)

Mine Part (MS Collection)

Mine part (MS Collection)

Mine part (MS Collection)

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Mine part (MS Collection)

Depth charge pistol