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Listen to Major Stephen Hambrook commentary as he deals with a UXB on Stanley airfield in 1983 click on MP3 player on my dedication to Stephen Hambrook page.

A Sectioned German SD50 Kg bomb with Sectioned (25) fuze

My Name is Stephen Venus, I am a collector of German Bomb fuzes and an

historian on Bomb disposal history, Some of you may have seen my

reviews (Fuzeman) on eBay " A layman's guide to Fuzes " and " Fuzes

and their uses and recently ,How to spot fake Crabtree dischargers

I,ve supplied Fuzes and advice to both the BBC and to

Channel 4 television and currently advising several authors with

their memoirs.

Some of the collection has been seen on Channel 4,s Blitz

Street and on Foyles war. And Call the Midwife Xmas special.

Recently i was asked to supply information on WW2 ordnance to the

channel islands police bomb squad

Ive also have supplied training aids to the Royal Logics Corp and training organisations both in the uk and abroad.

Appeared on the BBC ONE SHOW about the St Pauls bomb of September 1940 and supplied fuzes for filming.


Always interested in buying single fuzes or complete collections also

interested in swops and exchanges.

please contact me.

Those that have dealt with me know that I am honest,reliable and

very passionate about my hobby , I have collected and specialized in

this field for over 30 years.

I,m a associate member of the Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal branch.

and Associate member of the Bomb Disposal officers club.

Honorary member of The Royal Air force Bomb Disposal Association.

Custodian of Bomb Disposal exhibits Brenzett Aeronautical Museum.

Ive been very fortunate over the past 30 years to have met many men

and officers who were in bomb disposal i.e. col Stuart Archer

for obtaining the first Zus40 anti withdrawl fuze .

Lt col Eric Wakeling who dealt with SD2 butterfly bombs in Grimsby in


Major Stephen Hambrook , who i have dedicated a page too , he dealt

with a bomb which should not have been withdrawn by hand, but had no

option as blowing up the bomb would have wrecked Stanley airfield

Captain Harry Beckingham It was Harry who being part of Task force 135

helped clear up the channel island of Guernsey after 5 years of German

Occupation 1945

one of the last surviving Bomb disposal officer of ww2 Captain John Hannaford

Major Arthur Hogben Retired Bomb Disposal officer who won his QGM

dealing with a bomb in London , Arthur has been a great source of

information to not just me but to all who have had the pleasure to meet

him his book Designed to kill is still the finest book written on the

history of Bomb disposal.

Thank You

Steve Venus

Ich bin immer daran interessiert, den Kauf guter Qualität Deutsch Bombe Zünder, Handbüchern und Fotografien


The German (17) long delay fuze with the ZUS40 Anti Withdrawal fuze


Click above to hear a German (17)Fuze inside a 50 kg


Above is part of the collection

The Chilling sign above was found in an old Kent police stations

basement , and was used on the film set of DANGER UXB and more

recently on FOYLES WAR and CALL the MIDWIFE .


Original Wartime sleeve badge designed by Queen Mary


I,m trying to compile a list of Wartime bombs unearthed in the UK

since 1960 Year Month type of bomb etc perhaps you may have local

newspapers mentioning UXB these i will list on my Still finding them

page , ive already updated one incident at Becton gas works in 1996

which lead to 33 regt Royal Engineers receiving 3 QGM to those

involved.which i will be writing a more detailed account of this


I,m very pleased to have supplied exhibits to The John Lewis Department store as part of their 150 Th anniversary celebrations.
It was in the early hours of September 18 th 1940 that John Lewis Oxford street was destroyed during the Blitz.


Please note New Email address Thanks

Mobile +44 07711 623824.

Home +44 0208 429 2844

SKYPE - fuzeman2

Original recruiting poster for Army Emergency Reserve based at Broadbridge camp Horsham in the 1950,s

Computer generated picture of a Fuze factory
by kind permission of Christian Braeley whom I am indebted for his permission to publish

Note in use here!

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